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The plumbing in your Greater San Antonio home plays a vital role for your family, one that many of us take for granted. That is, until the shower, kitchen sink, or guest room bathroom starts to leak or cause damage around the home. A small problem, such as a leaky pipe, may seem benign initially, but water can destroy a home through mold, mildew, and rot. Plumbing issues and discrepancies need to be addressed as soon as possible to ensure a functional household and avoid additional repairs. Our area of the country poses unique challenges for the average home that requires a local professional for proper remediation. We’re experts in finding long-lasting solutions and effective repair solutions that genuinely solve the outstanding problem, not just cover it up for the next family or service team. If the plumbing in your home is a constant cause of headaches and stress — you’ve come to the right place! Call The Problem Solvers team today to see how our technicians can solve your problems when it comes to plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, or roofing.

Our Plumbing Services For San Antonio Residents

From Leaky Faucets To Whole-Home Re-Pipes… Our Dependable Plumbers Do It All

Back To Table Of Contents More often than not, many plumbing issues are discovered during the remodeling phase of a bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Water and sewer lines are laid throughout your entire home, and locating the root cause of an issue can be quite the ordeal, requiring many hands-on technicians and labor hours. The opposite end of the spectrum is plumbing issues that cannot go unnoticed even if you tried, such as a broken water line or leaking sink drain. That’s when it’s time to call The Problem Solvers! No matter what your plumbing issue may be or the avenue we must take to remedy it, rest assured the guys and gals we have on our superhero-like team can make it happen.

On-Demand Plumbing Repair & Diagnosis

You can rarely, if ever, plan for plumbing issues in your home. If you could, you would probably skip that appointment as often as possible! The Greater San Antonio area is known to have severe cold fronts pass through, which can wreak havoc on homes that are not built to withstand freezing temperatures. Burst pipes are just one of the reasons homeowners need on-demand repairs, but it’s an important one nonetheless. When plumbing issues arise, San Antonio residents can quickly and easily schedule their service immediately for our next available date. Once we see you’re having an issue, we send out our team. Our highly trained technicians can handle projects such as:
  • Broken, clogged, or leaky pipes
  • Water softener installation
  • Increasing water pressure
  • Fixing a water heater
  • Professional slab leak detection, inspection, & diagnosis
  • Replacing old or compromised plumbing pipes with new ones
  • Solving the mystery behind why your toilet will never stop running
  • Drain Cleaning Services
The options of plumbing repair services we offer are seemingly endless. If your home needs on-demand plumbing repairs or problem diagnosis, give our experienced crew a call today.

Regularly Scheduled Testing, Maintenance, & Problem Prevention Services

By joining our Problem Preventers Program, you can leave all your plumbing stress in our hands! Various plumbing system components require annual servicing to ensure proper function and efficiency. Having our team of experts give your plumbing system a thorough inspection, and regular service ensures your home is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. We can handle tasks such as:
  • Annual safety inspection of the entire system
  • Flushing & testing the water heater
  • Replacing or refilling the water softener as needed
  • Sewer line inspection
  • Problem assessments, diagnosis, and repairs

New Plumbing Installation

If you have just moved into a new house or your plumbing system is no longer handling your needs, a new system is just a phone call away. The remodeling phase of a bathroom or kitchen often requires plumbing components to be moved or replaced to suit the needs of the new fixtures and amenities. While in some cases, we can retrofit your old system to function in the new environment, homeowners typically take advantage of the timing and wish to upgrade their system during remodeling projects. Many houses in the Greater San Antonio area were not originally constructed with a plumbing system that can operate during freezing weather fronts, which can lead to broken pipes and excessive water damage. In more recent years, we have been actively working on upgrading homeowners’ plumbing systems to function during the coldest parts of winter and the hottest parts of summer.
The Problem Solvers Team

Why Choose The Problem Solvers For Your Plumbing Needs

5 Reasons San Antonio Homeowners Choose The Problem Solvers Time & Time Again

Back To Table Of Contents The Problem Solvers are the perfect choice for all of your plumbing needs due to several reasons. Firstly, our team has years of experience and expertise in the industry, meaning we have the skills necessary to handle any plumbing issue. Additionally, we prioritize exceptional customer service and offer convenient scheduling availability for when you need it most. Our comprehensive range of services includes plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, and water heater installation and repair, among others. We also offer competitive and transparent pricing, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we guarantee our work. Just in case you need more reasons to call The Problem Solvers, here are five more!

#1: We Treat Our Customers Like Family

Many plumbing companies claim to treat their customers like family until it’s time to put their money where their mouth is. At The Problem Solvers, we genuinely put family above all else. The “industry norm” is to overwork your employees and default blame onto someone else when something goes wrong. We took that way of doing things and threw it right into the garbage. When we make mistakes, we own up to them because we know how important your home is to you and your family. Read more about how Family Comes FIRST

#2: Meticulous Installation Practices

At The Problem Solvers, we prioritize meticulous installation practices to ensure our clients receive top-quality services. We follow manufacturer instructions, conduct thorough inspections, and perform comprehensive testing to ensure that all components and connections are secure and stable. We understand that mistakes during installation can lead to leaks, water damage, and costly repairs, which is why we take every precaution to prevent such incidents. Our commitment to meticulous installation practices ensures that our clients can trust us to deliver exceptional plumbing services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Read more about how We Never Cut Corners

#3: Industry-Leading Products

We partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the best products on the market without exceptions. We offer a range of industry-leading products, including water heaters, faucets, toilets, and water filtration systems, among others. Our products are durable, efficient, and eco-friend, helping our clients save money on energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint. We also offer superior warranties and guarantees to ensure our clients’ peace of mind. Read more about how we use Elite Products Only

#4: We Show Up On Time… Every Time

We value our clients’ time and strive to be punctual and reliable. Our team of professionals makes it a priority to arrive at appointments on time, ensuring that your schedule is not disrupted. In the rare instance of a delay, we communicate promptly with our clients to keep them informed and minimize any inconvenience. We understand that plumbing issues can be stressful and disruptive, and showing up on time for appointments is the first step in providing timely and efficient services. Our commitment to punctuality and reliability is a core value that underpins all our operations and helps us build strong relationships with homeowners based on trust and dependability. Read more about our Old-Fashioned Integrity

#5: Our Word Is Our Bond

We stand behind our services and offer ironclad guarantees to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. If there are any issues with our work, we take full responsibility and work with our clients to resolve them promptly and satisfactorily. Greater San Antonio homeowners can trust us to provide honest, reliable, and effective solutions to their plumbing needs, backed by our industry-leading guarantees. Read more about our Ironclad Guarantees

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Reviews From REAL Customers & Homeowners

Your Home Could Be Our Next Success Story…

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“The Problem Solvers were very fast at responding and getting to my house. They were very knowledgeable and showed me exactly what was wrong and explained how it could be fixed. I originally called them out for a simple job, but it was bigger than that. They took the time to explain everything to me and my wife, explained all the options, and answered all of our questions. I will not hesitate to recommend The Problem Solvers to my family and friends.” – Manuel P.
“After dealing with several companies over the last few years and replacing our entire system TWICE, we finally found the best company out there. Not only did The Problem Solvers repair our system during a snowstorm, but they came back and cleaned out all the ducts. I had another issue this week, and they came out right away to fix it. They were professional and explained everything they were doing and why. I’m extremely impressed.” – Anonymous.
“I have nothing but great things to say about The Problem Solvers. The technician was early to the appointment and treated our home with respect. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. My favorite thing was his transparency. He showed me everything that needed to be done. We will definitely go back to The Problem Solvers.” – T. Guy

Plumbing FAQ From Homeowners

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Q: How Much Do Your Plumbing Services Cost?

Our multi-tiered plumbing services range in price depending on the scope of work we have been hired to undergo. Newer plumbing systems that only require annual servicing will be far cheaper than the cost of replacing an entire plumbing system. Utilize our financing options to reduce the financial strain of plumbing services.

Q: Are Your Plumbing Consultations Free?

Our plumbing consultations for Greater San Antonio homeowners are completely free! We will never charge you a dime for dispatching our workers to inspect your plumbing system and giving our honest opinion on the best course of action moving forward.

Q: How Can I Tell If My House Has A Plumbing Issue?

There are many telltale signs that your home’s plumbing system is compromised, out of date, or simply cannot meet the demands of your household. If your sink, toilet, or shower takes a few minutes to properly drain, that is one of the first signs that your plumbing is in trouble. Other bigger plumbing issues that may arise in your home include broken pipes, constantly running toilets, low water pressure, and running out of hot water prematurely.

Q: Do You Offer Specials On Your Plumbing Services?

We are always running special offers on our HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing services. From zero dispatch fees on the weekends to discounted products, we have a little something for everyone. Be sure to check out our current specials to see how you can save big with The Problem Solvers.

Q: Do You Offer Other Services In The Greater San Antonio Area?

We sure do! Plumbing is just one area of a home we are well-versed in servicing; our other services include air conditioning, heating, electrical, and more! We grew our roots in the HVAC industry and made it our mission to keep learning and expanding our level of services to help each household in the Greater San Antonio area.

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