We Never Cut Corners

Cutting Corners Is Absolutely, Positively
The LAST Thing We’d Ever Do.

When We Perform Your Job, We Obsess Over
Every Single Installation Detail. ZERO Exceptions.

We wouldn’t be able to genuinely dub ourselves The Problem Solvers if we cut corners during our service calls. Or slapped a quick-fix on a failing roof. Or rushed your plumbing configuration. We’re the Greater San Antonio home-services contractor where taking shortcuts is simply NOT an option.

When we agree to a project, we give it our full mind, body, and soul until it’s completed to meet even the highest standards. A big part of our company culture is encouraging our workers to slow down, take their time, and ask as many questions as possible.

By understanding each of our customer’s expectations, we know the bar we can aim to surpass. We might take twice as much time as our competitors, but we’d prefer that than to miss an important detail later down the road.

Picture-Perfect Installation… Literally!

Throughout your project, we document every step of the installation with photos and videos that our company owner personally reviews. You also get a chance to see first-hand the intricacies throughout your house and gain valuable insight into the overall quality of our workmanship.

Before closing out the job, we ensure all parties are happy, and we conduct a follow-up inspection of the entire system once it is up and running. Air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, roofing… you name it, and our process applies to it.

Our Operating Procedure Is Based Around Cleanliness & Safety

A massive part of our training program includes cleanliness and safety protocols on the job site and in our customers’ homes. We ingrain our clean-freak mentality in every one of our crew members to ensure that whoever we have working in a home will leave without a trace.

Our installation teams must complete and submit a cleaning protocol checklist at the end of the day to make sure no nails or other hazardous materials are left in an accessible location. And above all — you guessed it — no cut corners.

Factory-Trained Installers For Immaculate Results

Each member of our installation crew is factory-trained by every brand we offer to learn the proper way of doing things from the experts themselves. Not all manufacturers require this process, but we take the extra effort to become master installers, which pays off for our customers.

If a contractor wishes to join the Problem Solvers family, they agree to countless hours of training over the entire span of their career. We only want the best of the best working on Greater San Antonio homes.

Unique Warranties That Put Our Customers’ Minds At Ease

We took the “industry norm” regarding customer warranties and returned to the drawing board. What we came up with is quite simple — we’ve got our customers’ backs.

Whether that’s through our Dependability Promise, Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, or countless above-par manufacturer warranties, we always do what’s best for our customers.

Our Attention To Detail Is Unmatched

We can’t tell you how many times past customers called up another contractor to service their HVAC or electrical system only to have the initial problem remain or, worse yet, become an even bigger headache.

Our in-depth inspections throughout each of our services ensure we don’t miss a single thing, and if there’s a problem needing solving, we’re going to make it happen.

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