Family Comes FIRST

Our Core Values Are Centered Around
What We Care About Most: FAMILY.

At The Problem Solvers, “Treat You Like Family”
Isn’t A Cliched Slogan. It’s A BINDING PROMISE.

Be honest: When a Greater San Antonio contractor says, “We treat you like family,” do you actually believe them? Or do you roll your eyes and think, “Yeah. Okay. Sure.”

Probably the second one, right?

After all, just about every home-services contractor uses the treat-customers-like-family cliché. And for (too) many companies, it’s nothing more than lip service. It’s a bold but hollow promise that, honestly, doesn’t mean much.

But at The Problem Solvers? Family actually means something.

In fact, family means EVERYTHING.

From our customers to our employees, we show everyone courtesy, kindness, and respect. Stated differently – we treat people like people.

And do you know why? Because we’re genuinely passionate about helping others improve their home lives. It’s a passion that’s hardwired in our company DNA. It courses through every team member’s veins. It’s just the kind of business – the kind of people – we are.

Here’s how our family-first core values are at the forefront of everything we do:

We Treat Our Technicians RIGHT

Instead of overworking our team members, we give them the freedom to choose their schedule daily. So if one of our technicians has a doctor’s appointment or their child has a baseball game, they never have to choose between their livelihood and family commitments.

Not only does this ensure our workers show up fresh, alert, and motivated every day, but it also guarantees our technicians come to your home happy, smiling, and ready to provide you with a world-class experience.

Quality Over Quantity Approach To Home Services

This may come as a shocker, but most HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies in Greater San Antonio have a strict quota for their workers to make up to 8 daily visits to homes or businesses. We prefer to focus on providing the highest quality of service rather than the number of visits.

When we show up at your house, you can rest easy knowing we are giving it the attention it deserves without trying to get the job done as quickly as possible. We’d rather our technician visit three houses daily, serviced to perfection, than 10 houses just to meet a quota.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at The Problem Solvers. Doing things the RIGHT way the FIRST time is a mantra we stick to. And on the off chance that we DO make a mistake, we never run from it or play the finger-pointing game.

We own up to our shortcomings while doing whatever it takes to please our customers and remedy the situation for all involved parties. When our guys and gals do a good job, we let them know with incentives and fun perks.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The “hive mind” mentality adopted primarily from bees and ants is quite effective in our line of work. By working together as a single unit with one main objective, we can accomplish astonishing feats in no time at all.

We build company morale through positive reinforcement, open-mindedness, and a sense of understanding for one another. We value our workers as fathers, mothers, uncles, and daughters — not just employees or one-time-use subcontractors.

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