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Is your Greater San Antonio home’s roof looking worse for wear? Are you noticing a significant change in your utility bills? These are just a few signs that your roof is in dire need of repairs or complete replacement.

But have no fear — The Problem Solvers are here!

We’ve been repairing, maintaining, and replacing residential homes for the last 20 years and are well-versed in the absolute best way of doing things. We can handle all of your roofing needs, whether replacing a few broken asphalt shingles, performing a roofing inspection, or swapping out the entire roof for something that best suits your style preferences.

Your roof is often the first thing people notice about your home; make sure the first impression is a good one.

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With our commitment to quality workmanship, superior customer service, and affordable pricing, we have quickly become the go-to choice for Greater San Antonio homeowners in need of roofing repairs or replacements.

Our team of experienced roofing professionals is equipped with the latest tools and technology to tackle even the most complex roofing projects. We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that every roof we install or repair will stand up to the elements and provide lasting protection for years to come.

Taking all of that into consideration, it’s easy to see why The Problem Solvers are the #1 choice for residential roofing services in the Greater San Antonio area.

Residential Roof Repair & Maintenance

Residential roof repair and maintenance are crucial to ensuring that your home remains safe and secure, as well as maintaining the value of your property. Regular inspections and upkeep can prevent minor issues from turning into major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

There are many types of roofing materials and designs, each with its own specific maintenance and repair requirements. When it comes to repairing your roof, it’s important to work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor — that’s where we come in.

We have a proven track record of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. After your initial inspection and consultation, we will be able to provide a detailed estimate of repair costs, as well as a timeline for completion and any necessary permits or approvals.

While 75% of roofing contractors in the Greater San Antonio area refuse to offer roofing repair simply in hopes of convincing the homeowner to replace the entire roof — we would rather be honest and form a relationship with our clients. We’ll tackle your roofing job no matter the size.

Residential Roof Replacement

Residential roof replacement can be a significant investment for homeowners. Whether replacing an old, worn-out roof or upgrading to a new roofing material, it’s important to work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor to ensure your investment is protected.

In the Greater San Antonio area, there are many roofing companies to choose from, but not all are created equal. When you’re looking to replace your roof, you want to go with a local quality company that not only has the expertise and experience to get the job done right, but will be here for years to come if you ever have a problem.

We’ve done our research and countless hours of homework to find the best-of-the-best to roofing materials, and we wholeheartedly stand behind each of the brands we offer. We obsess over the small details and nerd out over “the next great thing” simply because we know how impactful they can be for the average homeowner.

Don’t wait to replace your roof — get started with our free roofing estimate tool!

The Problem Solvers Team

Why Call The Problem Solvers For Your Roof Replacement

5 Reasons San Antonio Homeowners Call The Problem Solvers

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The roofing industry can be quite shady at times, with fly-by-night roofing contractors sweeping in and out after big storms and constantly changing state-run regulations. Roofing is one of the few industries where someone can call themselves a roofer but they don’t need a specific license to do so.

We take it upon ourselves to attend every manufacturer training and installation seminar to ensure we are constantly on top of our game. We have the experience, the know-how, and the drive to accomplish any roofing feat you can imagine.

Are you still looking for the perfect roofing contractor for your home? Here are five reasons to pick up the phone and call The Problem Solvers today.


#1: Our “Family First” Mentality

When we say we put family first — we mean it. Your family, our employee’s families, and, of course, our own. In fact, we prioritize our technicians having a healthy home life instead of how many hours we can make them work. That translates to happier employees that are motivated to show up to work every day and pass who family-first mentality onto our clients.

Read more about how Family Comes FIRST


#2: By-The-Book Roof Replacements & Repairs

We are sticklers for following the rules to a tee when it comes to residential roofing repairs, replacement, and maintenance. Your home is a big deal, and the roof over your family’s heads needs to be safe while keeping harsh weather patterns at bay. We go above and beyond during every project to meet manufacturer standards and to far exceed them.

Read more about how We Never Cut Corners


#3: We Utilize Industry-Leading Roofing Products

There are certain roofing material manufacturers that are well worth your time and money and others that you should stay far away from. We’ve done the leg work, so you don’t have to, and the result is a specially curated list of suppliers we entrust with our business. Homeowners put a lot of trust in their roofs — we have the products to back that need.

Read more about how we use Elite Products Only


#4: Integrity Is At The Forefront Of Our Decisions

The “Golden Rule” that we were taught as children has transitioned perfectly into the world of residential roofing. The average homeowner doesn’t have the means to climb on a roof to inspect a contractor’s work or inspect the ventilation components. So when Greater San Antonio homeowners hire us to repair or replace their roofs, we value that trust with unmatched integrity every step of the way.

Read more about our Old-Fashioned Integrity


#5: Ironclad Guarantees That Save You Time & Money

Replacing your entire Greater San Antonio home’s roof can cost a pretty penny when you consider the materials, equipment, and human power a project of this caliber requires. To protect your investment, we offer every single homeowner our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

That means if one of our technicians messed something up during the installation or repair process of your roof, we will come back to make it right. Whether it be two weeks from the time we finished the job or two years, we’ll always stand behind our work.

Read more about our Ironclad Guarantees

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Reviews From Greater San Antonio Homeowners

Your Home Could Be Our Next Success Story…

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“Awesome service and efficiency. The Problem Solvers came quickly and on time and knew exactly what the problem was. Prices are very competitive, and they will work with you to tell you what you need instead of what you don’t need. I would definitely recommend The Problem Solvers, and now I am a Problem Preventers Program club member. Thanks, guys!!”

– Maiden M.

“The Problem Solvers were amazing. They are a small company with years of experience, passion, and professionalism. Not only did they give me a great price and warranty, but I got super quick service. They even cleaned up before they left. I definitely recommend them for all your HVAC needs.”

– Jeannie G.

“The Problem Solvers were great. They were honest, straightforward, and diagnosed my system’s issue in 20 minutes. I will come back to these guys if I ever have more A/C issues.”

– David H.

Roofing FAQ From Homeowners

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Q: How Do I Book My Roofing Estimate?

Greater San Antonio homeowners can now quickly and easily schedule roof estimates, roof repairs, and roof replacements from their phones, laptop, or tablet. Utilize our online booking tool to get accurate quotes on your own time without having to pick up the phone. And if you prefer to go the old-fashioned route, we are happy to answer your call!

Q: Do You Only Offer New Roof Replacements?

We are one of the very few roofing contractors who offer roof repairs alongside complete replacement or first-time installation. We aim to help Greater San Antonio homeowners in as many ways as possible, and sometimes all it requires is an honest crew and a few small roofing repairs. If your home’s roof is too far gone for repairs, we will be upfront about that too. If you’re unsure if you need a repair or replacement, we can start with our in-depth inspection.

Q: Can I Finance My Roofing Project With You?

Roof replacements and repairs range in price depending on the material in question, the extent of the work, and the amount of labor needed. To assist in reducing the financial burden as much as we can, we partnered with a reputable financing firm to provide affordable payment plan options for all qualifying homeowners.

Q: Which Type Of Roofing Material Do You Offer?

We currently offer asphalt shingle roof installations, repairs, and maintenance for the Greater San Antonio area. Let us know which roofing material you’ve been dreaming of for your home, and we will see how we can make it a reality.

Q: Do You Offer Specials On Your Roofing Services?

We are always running promotional specials for homeowners that range from free HVAC tune-ups and roofing inspections to discounted products and maintenance services. For an up-to-date list of the specials we are currently running, check out our specials page.

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