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Our Family-First Mentality Ensures Impeccable Results

April 20, 2023
Father and son sitting on top of a house during a roof replacement

We Put Family First & Make Sure Our
Employees Do The Same

Happier Employees Ensure Exceptional Results

Before The Problem Solvers came to be, our founder, Brandon, was a high-level executive for an HVAC company. It was with this company that he learned the ropes of running a business along with the ins and outs of employee culture.

When it came time to start The Problem Solvers, Brandon knew he wanted to solve problems beyond a broken water heater pump or leaking asphalt shingle roof. He saw many problems with the Home Service industry as a whole and knew he had the right opportunity to make long-lasting changes.

The biggest issue Brandon saw, in more industries than one, was that family and personal life were being put on the back burner and deemed unimportant by most employers. This directly correlated to unhappy and unmotivated technicians who didn’t care about their work, leading to shoddy results.

In Brandon’s eyes, happier employees provide better results, and, being a family man himself, he knew that prioritizing family life first would lead to more smiles and fewer frowns.

Why We Developed Our Family-First Mentality

In this day and age, almost every industry has experienced a decline in employment. Whether they can’t keep staff around or they aren’t getting new applicants, it’s safe to say that employees simply aren’t happy.

One of the main reasons there are shortages of qualified workers is how the average service company works. They overwork and underpay their technicians without adjusting their expectations. They put a lot of pressure on the staff to work many hours and spend less time with family.

This ultimately leads to broken homes, addiction, and depression. We don’t let our guys overwork themselves, and we have a strict limit on how many hours we will let them spend away from home. We even let our workers pick their hours using a simple online scheduling tool.

Need to take off for a little league game? No problem. As long as our technicians hit the minimum weekly hours, we don’t mess with anyone. We value their family life more than work.

One Of Our Technicians Even Considered Quitting

One pivotal moment that really sparked the “family-first” mentality that Brandon wanted to implement involved a worker and his personal commitments. Unbeknownst to us, one of our highly skilled HVAC technicians, who has been with us for many years, was having a personal conundrum trying to balance his home and work life.

The technician, let’s call him Dave, volunteered at his local church every Wednesday with his family. Dave wasn’t one to complain or ask for much, but after juggling his volunteer commitment and work responsibilities, we could tell he was struggling.

After having a heart-to-heart with Dave, he told us that he loves volunteering for his church but is considering stopping due to a lack of time and energy. He even mentioned that he was considering going the other route and quitting his job to find a position that would be flexible enough to work around his passion for volunteering.

We never want our workers to choose between personal life and work, and we knew we had to do whatever it took to keep Dave happy. Dave was an indispensable part of our company, and we knew that if we could make him happy, he would stick around for many years.

We promptly adjusted his schedule to where Dave would have every single Wednesday off to volunteer at his church with his family. And to ensure he wouldn’t lose money, we let Dave pick up extra shifts wherever he could fit it in.

After hearing Dave’s struggles, we knew we never wanted to let a situation escalate the same way. Now, we pick our employees’ brains to help them choose the perfect work schedule that will never interfere with their personal lives.

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