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Texas is well-known throughout the country as having some of the harshest summer conditions in terms of heat, dry air, and high winds. But what many non-Texans don’t realize is that it STAYS hot for months on end… not just a quick heat wave once or twice a summer. The Greater San Antonio area is no exception, which is why proper air conditioning is a must-have for many homeowners.

So when your air conditioner is on the fritz or your house is warmer than it should be, call The Problem Solvers. We’ve been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years and have a true passion for providing reliable repair and maintenance services while actively focusing on ensuring a stress-free process along the way. Whether you’re looking to install a brand-new unit for the very first time, upgrade your previous system, or just need a bit of TLC — we are here to help.

Our Multi-Tiered Air Conditioning Services
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Here at The Problem Solvers, we focus on long-term air conditioning solutions that check all the boxes on homeowners’ lists. Efficiency? Check. Affordability? Check. Reliability? Double check.

And to make things even better, we offer the best products from highly respected manufacturers in the industry installed by master technicians who truly CARE about their clients.

We love a good challenge and are ready to tackle your AC troubles with a head-on approach.

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance & Servicing

The best way to avoid having detrimental issues with your air conditioning unit is with regular maintenance and general upkeep. We all live busy lives, and your HVAC system could understandably be at the bottom of a long list of responsibilities. But it is a responsibility nonetheless!

Much like an oil change for a car, simple yet essential tasks can significantly prolong the life of your unit or have the exact opposite effect. Think about how your car would respond if you NEVER changed the oil — it would be a junker in a few short years!

Our Problem Preventers Program handles every aspect of maintaining your AC unit on a regularly-scheduled basis. Whether you decide to join the program or not, our technicians are on standby to help prevent problems arising with your AC unit with services like:

  • Replacing your AC capacitor BEFORE it blows out during the first hot day of the year
  • Inspecting & replacing air filters as needed for a clean living space
  • Cleaning out air ducts to prevent back-ups, mold growth, and wasted electricity
  • Updating your system to be as energy-efficient as possible — saving you money every month

With our problem-prevention techniques, you hopefully won’t need the other services on our list!

Air Conditioning Problem Diagnosis & Repair Services

The air conditioning components of your HVAC system are subject to normal wear and tear as they cool your home year after year. If you have noticed your energy bills steadily increasing each month or your home is regularly warmer than normal, there is a good chance your air conditioning unit could need repairs.

Before ever suggesting one remediation option over another, our skilled team of experts thoroughly inspects your unit to diagnose the true issue, and only then do we recommend a solution. While other AC service companies may try to sell you on the “next best thing,” we stick to what works best for our customers — honesty!

We won’t aimlessly tinker around your home or slap a quick fix on a more significant issue.

If you already know your AC system has an issue, or have a sneaking suspicion something is amiss, we will get to the bottom of it without breaking the bank.

New Air Conditioning Unit Installation

When the time comes to upgrade or replace your existing air conditioning unit, call The Problem Solvers! We are one of very few authorized Maytag dealers and installation teams in the Greater San Antonio area. Through precise workmanship and a drive for perfection, we can have your new unit installed in no time at all.

We can also outfit your system with industry-leading technology, including smart thermostats that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and UV lights integrated into the unit to sterilize air before it enters your home. At the end of the day, we have a variety of options to fit all budget restrictions and individual needs.

The Problem Solvers ensure you are comfortable throughout the dog days of summer without stress or financial burden!

The Problem Solvers Team

Why Call Us For Your AC Needs

5 Reasons Homeowners Choose The Problem Solvers

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There are many HVAC service companies in the Greater San Antonio area, but time and time again, homeowners choose The Problem Solvers when their home requires repairs, maintenance, and general HVAC upgrades.

We’ve spent the last 20 years learning everything there is to know about our industry in order to become the absolute best in our field. Now, we are here to implement our knowledge to help homeowners!

Your home’s air conditioner needs the proper attention it deserves; here are five reasons to call The Problem Solvers today.

#1: We Put Family Over Everything

We value our workers’ family time the same way we appreciate the time our customers give us during our visits and consultations. It always comes first! We’d rather our staff members show up ready and motivated to work each and every day instead of giving every last ounce of their energy to their work.

By giving our workers the freedom to essentially choose their own working schedules around their family’s needs, we have built a tight-knit group of people who are lucky enough to share a common goal.

Read more about how Family Comes FIRST

#2: We Are Sticklers For Following The Rules

We have strict protocols and checklists in place to ensure every single job is done by the books, no matter what. We hold every technician accountable for taking their time during the installation or repair process to get the project finished efficiently and accurately while meeting exceedingly high standards.

Read more about how We Never Cut Corners

#3: We ONLY Use Quality Products

As we mentioned previously, we are one of very few authorized Maytag partners in the Greater San Antonio area. And when it comes to quality, Maytag is the perfect example. Homeowners have relied on Maytag products for over 100 years, and they only continue to improve with time. And Maytag offers the best warranty in the business. The 12 years Limited Parts Warranty when registered, (we handle all the registration for you) paired with the Maytag Dependability Promise provides you with the best coverage for total peace of mind.

We offer a wide assortment of elite brands and products that are well-known for their reliability and improved functionality. If you are in love with a certain brand or manufacturer, we can track it down for you!

Read more about how we use Elite Products Only

#4: Integrity Before All Else

When we decided to start The Problem Solvers, we knew we wanted to change the way people viewed contractors, especially in Texas. The first step in changing an industry standard is by doing it yourself first, and that’s exactly what we did!

We don’t play pricing games with you or give you the runaround on your project timeline. We treat our customers like our own brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. To us, it’s really that simple.

Read more about our Old-Fashioned Integrity

#5: We Stick By Our Word — No Matter What

Whenever a new customer hires us to install their air conditioning system, they are instantly inaugurated into the Problem Solvers family. As master installers, we can provide San Antonio homeowners with unmatched manufacturer warranties backed by our own personal workmanship warranty.

And when we tell you we are going to show up at a certain time, you can be sure we will do everything in our power to make that happen. If, for some reason, we show up late, we’ll even take five dollars off the total bill for every minute we’re late.

Read more about our Ironclad Guarantees

Check Out A Few Of Our Past Air Conditioning Projects

Showcasing Stunning Results In The Greater San Antonio Area

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Reviews From REAL Customers & Homeowners

Your Home Could Be Our Next Success Story…

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“Excellent work done on my air conditioner. The Problem Solvers are a great company and came within an hour from when I made the call. They have a great membership and amazingly affordable prices. I highly recommend The Problem Solvers. I went with other companies in the past, and I have never received such an amazing experience as I did with this company.”

– Destiny G.

“They have done my AC maintenance and repairs for a couple of years now. They have been straight shooters from the beginning. They tell me what’s wrong and don’t try to upsell on getting a new system. They fixed the problem and saved me money; I will use The Problem Solvers for all my AC needs.”

– David M.

“My AC died on Sunday morning. In the middle of summer! Thankfully, the team at The Problem Solvers was on the job. They showed up the same day in a matter of hours and diagnosed the problem right away! I had a bad component, and they replaced it immediately and got us cool again. Fast, professional, and effective. They are my folks for service from now on. Thanks, Problem Solvers.”

– Americo

Air Conditioning FAQ From Homeowners

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Q: What Areas Of San Antonio Do You Provide
Air Conditioning Installation In?

We serve the Greater San Antonio area, including Boerne, New Braunfels, and Spring Branch. For a complete list of the cities and towns we serve, be sure to visit our service area page. Can’t find your city? Give us a call; we may be bringing our services to your town soon!

Q: Do You Offer Estimates On HVAC Repair?

Our skilled professionals can diagnose your HVAC system and provide a free estimate after collecting the results. HVAC repair can be quite costly in some cases, so it’s imperative that we offer an accurate quote to allow homeowners to plan out their finances properly. We’ll never charge you a penny for estimates on our services.

Q: Can I Finance My HVAC Project With You?

You sure can! We have many affordable financing options for qualifying homeowners to reduce the burden of paying entirely out of pocket. Choose a plan that best suits your budget, and our technicians will get straight to work fine-tuning your HVAC system.

Q: Are You Licensed, Bonded, & Insured?

We are proud to say that each of our skilled technicians is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect Greater San Antonio homeowners in the off chance that something goes awry.

Q: Do You Only Service Air Conditioners?

Absolutely not! We are well-versed in HVAC systems as a whole — Heating, ventilation, and cooling. Additionally, we also provide plumbing, electrical, and roofing services. At The Problem Solvers, there’s never a project too big for us to handle.

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